Welcome to Rogue Gypsy

About us

Rogue Gypsy is a small UK business founded by Adele in 2015. Adele has always had an interest in crystals and in particular, crystal healing. Through her love of holistic therapies and jewellery, Adele wanted to create a business where other people could source and purchase beautiful pieces that will not only heal them spiritually, but are fair and affordable in price.  

Adele lives in a small English town in the UK and has a daughter, Eva, who is her entire world. Rogue Gypsy helps to support her family, so you can be assured that when you purchase from them, you are spending towards a genuine and loving family business.  

Adele is vegan and love to run stalls at vegan festivals throughout the UK. Please be sure to check out the Rogue Gypsy social media to keep up to date with offers and events.